Commit 5a02a1c1 authored by Glen Ditchfield's avatar Glen Ditchfield 🐛 Committed by David Faure
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Fix crash when creating all-day to-dos

Creating all-day to-dos by right-clicking in the month view or in the
all-day area of the agenda view caused an assertion failure, "editor
shouldn't be dirty", because the timeSpec of an all-day event is not
rigorously defined.  This patch codes around the problem and imitates
the "dirty" logic for events.

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......@@ -437,17 +437,16 @@ bool IncidenceDateTime::isDirty(const KCalendarCore::Todo::Ptr &todo) const
return true;
if (mUi->mStartCheck->isChecked()) {
// Use mActiveStartTime. This is the QTimeZone selected on load coming from
// the combobox. We use this one as it can slightly differ (e.g. missing
// country code in the incidence time spec) from the incidence.
if (!identical(currentStartDateTime(), mInitialStartDT)) {
if (todo->allDay()) {
if ((mUi->mStartCheck->isChecked() && mUi->mStartDateEdit->date() !=
|| (mUi->mEndCheck->isChecked() && mUi->mEndDateEdit->date() != {
return true;
} else {
if ((mUi->mStartCheck->isChecked() &&!identical(currentStartDateTime(), mInitialStartDT))
|| (mUi->mEndCheck->isChecked() && !identical(currentEndDateTime(), mInitialEndDT))) {
return true;
if (mUi->mEndCheck->isChecked() && !identical(currentEndDateTime(), mInitialEndDT)) {
return true;
return false;
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