Commit 931ac9fb authored by Denis Kurz's avatar Denis Kurz
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Remove unused EditorItemManager methods

The methods (set)fetchScope were never used. They also violate
encapsulation: setting an arbitrary fetch scopes might lead to some
features not being fetched that are required by IncidenceDialog to work
correctly, like item tags including tag names.

Test Plan:
It compiles; projects depending on IncidenceEditor compile, too.
The methods are neither signals nor slots, so they are not used
in a string-based connect. In summary: they are actually not used

Reviewers: #kde_pim, dvratil

Reviewed By: #kde_pim, dvratil

Tags: #kde_pim

Differential Revision:
parent 8cdc303b
...@@ -386,18 +386,6 @@ void EditorItemManager::save() ...@@ -386,18 +386,6 @@ void EditorItemManager::save()
} }
} }
void EditorItemManager::setFetchScope(const Akonadi::ItemFetchScope &fetchScope)
d->mFetchScope = fetchScope;
Akonadi::ItemFetchScope &EditorItemManager::fetchScope()
return d->mFetchScope;
void EditorItemManager::setIsCounterProposal(bool isCounterProposal) void EditorItemManager::setIsCounterProposal(bool isCounterProposal)
{ {
Q_D(ItemEditor); Q_D(ItemEditor);
...@@ -83,32 +83,6 @@ public: ...@@ -83,32 +83,6 @@ public:
*/ */
void save(); void save();
* Sets the item fetch scope.
* Controls how much of an item's data is fetched from the server, e.g.
* whether to fetch the full item payload or only meta data.
* @param fetchScope The new scope for item fetch operations.
* @see fetchScope()
void setFetchScope(const Akonadi::ItemFetchScope &fetchScope);
* Returns the item fetch scope.
* Since this returns a reference it can be used to conveniently modify the
* current scope in-place, i.e. by calling a method on the returned reference
* without storing it in a local variable. See the ItemFetchScope documentation
* for an example.
* @return a reference to the current item fetch scope
* @see setFetchScope() for replacing the current item fetch scope
Akonadi::ItemFetchScope &fetchScope();
/** /**
* Returns the collection where the last item was created. * Returns the collection where the last item was created.
* Or an invalid collection if none was created. * Or an invalid collection if none was created.
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