Commit e7967bea authored by Daniel Vrátil's avatar Daniel Vrátil 🤖
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Fix attachment mimetype detection

We want to resolve the mimetype from the content only if
QMimeType doesn't now the mimetype or the mimetype is not
valid. This matches the behavior of KMimeType (and this
code) in KDE4.

BUG: 407871
FIXED-IN: 5.16
parent 472f2d26
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......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ void AttachmentIconItem::readAttachment()
QMimeDatabase db;
if (mAttachment.mimeType().isEmpty()
|| !(db.mimeTypeForName(mAttachment.mimeType()).isDefault())) {
|| !(db.mimeTypeForName(mAttachment.mimeType()).isValid())) {
QMimeType mimeType;
if (mAttachment.isUri()) {
mimeType = db.mimeTypeForUrl(QUrl(mAttachment.uri()));
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