Commit 26a03e5c authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Remember which map locations we have already cached

While reloading something we already have doesn't trigger network
activity it does a map data load from disk to find the area we need
to load, which is especially expensive for larger stations/airports.
Now we only do that once per application start.
parent 5bdbda52
......@@ -109,6 +109,19 @@ void MapDownloadManager::addRequest(double lat, double lon, const QDateTime &cac
// check if we already have this cached
for (auto it = m_cachedRequests.begin(); it != m_cachedRequests.end(); ++it) {
if (LocationUtil::distance(lat, lon, (*it).lat, (*it).lon) > 10.0) {
if ((*it).cacheUntil >= cacheUntil) {
// check if there is a pending request that would cover this
for (auto &req : m_pendingRequests) {
if (LocationUtil::distance(, req.lon, lat, lon) < 10.0) {
req.cacheUntil = std::max(req.cacheUntil, cacheUntil);
......@@ -125,18 +138,19 @@ void MapDownloadManager::downloadNext()
const auto req = std::move(m_pendingRequests.back());
m_currentRequest = std::move(m_pendingRequests.back());
m_loader = new KOSMIndoorMap::MapLoader(this);
connect(m_loader, &KOSMIndoorMap::MapLoader::done, this, &MapDownloadManager::downloadFinished);
m_loader->loadForCoordinate(, req.lon, req.cacheUntil);
m_loader->loadForCoordinate(, m_currentRequest.lon, m_currentRequest.cacheUntil);
void MapDownloadManager::downloadFinished()
m_loader = nullptr;
if (m_pendingRequests.empty()) {
Q_EMIT finished();
......@@ -63,6 +63,8 @@ private:
QDateTime cacheUntil;
std::vector<Request> m_pendingRequests;
std::vector<Request> m_cachedRequests;
Request m_currentRequest;
KOSMIndoorMap::MapLoader *m_loader = nullptr;
SolidExtras::NetworkStatus *m_netStatus = nullptr;
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