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Only add transfers when we are reasonably sure we need to change location

We can end up here before we have geo coordinates for all involved
locations, in which case we have to rely on name-based location
comparison. In that case we now compare the results for different accuracy
levels and only if those agree we rely on the name-based comparison.
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......@@ -254,6 +254,25 @@ void TransferManager::checkReservation(const QString &resId, const QVariant &res
/** Checks whether @p loc1 and @p loc2 are far enough apart to need a tranfer,
* with sufficient certainty.
static bool isLikelyNotSameLocation(const QVariant &loc1, const QVariant &loc2)
// if we are sure they are the same location we are done here
if (LocationUtil::isSameLocation(loc1, loc2, LocationUtil::WalkingDistance)) {
return false;
// if both have a geo coordinate we are also sure about both being different from the above check
if (LocationUtil::geo(loc1).isValid() && LocationUtil::geo(loc2).isValid()) {
return true;
// if we have to rely on the name, only do that if we are really sure they are different
return !LocationUtil::isSameLocation(loc1, loc2, LocationUtil::CityLevel);
TransferManager::CheckTransferResult TransferManager::checkTransferBefore(const QString &resId, const QVariant &res, Transfer &transfer) const
transfer.setAnchorTime(anchorTimeBefore(resId, res));
......@@ -310,13 +329,12 @@ TransferManager::CheckTransferResult TransferManager::checkTransferBefore(const
} else {
prevLoc = LocationUtil::location(prevRes);
if (!toLoc.isNull() && !prevLoc.isNull() && !LocationUtil::isSameLocation(toLoc, prevLoc, LocationUtil::WalkingDistance)) {
if (!toLoc.isNull() && !prevLoc.isNull() && isLikelyNotSameLocation(toLoc, prevLoc)) {
qDebug() << res << prevRes << LocationUtil::name(toLoc) << LocationUtil::name(prevLoc) << transfer.anchorTime();
transfer.setFrom(PublicTransport::locationFromPlace(prevLoc, prevRes));
return isLocationChange ? ShouldAutoAdd : CanAddManually;
// transfer to favorite at destination of a roundtrip trip group
......@@ -388,7 +406,7 @@ TransferManager::CheckTransferResult TransferManager::checkTransferAfter(const Q
} else {
nextLoc = LocationUtil::location(nextRes);
if (!fromLoc.isNull() && !nextLoc.isNull() && !LocationUtil::isSameLocation(fromLoc, nextLoc, LocationUtil::WalkingDistance)) {
if (!fromLoc.isNull() && !nextLoc.isNull() && isLikelyNotSameLocation(fromLoc, nextLoc)) {
qDebug() << res << nextRes << LocationUtil::name(fromLoc) << LocationUtil::name(nextLoc) << transfer.anchorTime();
transfer.setTo(PublicTransport::locationFromPlace(nextLoc, nextRes));
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