Commit 6594b7c6 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Remove the method call wrapper specialization for void return types

No longer necessary with how calls are handled meanwhile, and thus avoids
a bunch of duplicated code.
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......@@ -157,23 +157,6 @@ namespace Internal {
template <typename ...Sig>
struct invoker<void, Sig...> {
template <typename ...Args>
static void call(QAndroidJniObject handle, const char *name, const char *signature, Args&&... args)
static_assert(is_call_compatible<Sig...>::template with<Args...>::value, "incompatible call arguments");
const auto params = std::make_tuple(toCallArgument<Sig, Args>(std::forward<Args>(args))...);
doCall(handle, name, signature, params, std::index_sequence_for<Args...>{});
template <typename ParamT, std::size_t ...Index>
static void doCall(QAndroidJniObject handle, const char *name, const char *signature, const ParamT &params, std::index_sequence<Index...>)
handle.callMethod<void>(name, signature, toFinalCallArgument(std::get<Index>(params))...);
template <typename RetT>
struct invoker<RetT> {
static typename Internal::call_return<RetT>::CallReturnT call(QAndroidJniObject handle, const char *name, const char *signature)
......@@ -185,14 +168,6 @@ namespace Internal {
template <>
struct invoker<void> {
static void call(QAndroidJniObject handle, const char *name, const char *signature)
handle.callMethod<void>(name, signature);
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