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Add 21.08.0 changelog

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<launchable type="desktop-id">org.kde.itinerary.desktop</launchable>
<release version="21.08.0" date="2021-08-12"/>
<release version="21.08.0" date="2021-08-12">
<li>Health certificate manager for DIVOC and EU DGC vaccination, test and recovery certificates.</li>
<li>GPX import and export of favorite locations and GPX export of trips for Nextcloud Maps interoperability.</li>
<li>Support for local German public transport operators INVG, RSAG, VRT and VSN.</li>
<li>Improved travel document extractor.</li>
<li>Various fixes to the page flow.</li>
<li>Entire trip groups can now be deleted.</li>
<release version="21.04.3" date="2021-07-08"/>
<release version="21.04.2" date="2021-06-10"/>
<release version="21.04.1" date="2021-05-13"/>
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