Commit 98201b85 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Fix the build without KHealthCertificate

parent 636fa0eb
......@@ -194,10 +194,14 @@ QByteArray HealthCertificateManager::certificateRawData(const CertData &certData
bool HealthCertificateManager::certLessThan(const CertData &lhs, const CertData &rhs)
const auto lhsDt = KHealthCertificate::relevantUntil(lhs.cert);
const auto rhsDt = KHealthCertificate::relevantUntil(rhs.cert);
if (lhsDt == rhsDt) {
return <;
return lhsDt > rhsDt;
return <;
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