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Don't attempt to resolve ISO 3166-1 country codes for the address formatter

That will revert that again anyway, and that seems to be less reliable
on Android than it is on Linux.

BUG: 452979
FIXED-IN: 20.04.1
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......@@ -58,14 +58,14 @@ QString Localizer::formatAddress(const QVariant &obj) const
} else if (std::strcmp(obj.typeName(), "KOSMIndoorMap::OSMAddress") == 0) {
const auto mo = QMetaType::metaObjectForType(obj.userType());
address.setStreet(readFromGadget(mo, obj, "street") + QLatin1Char(' ') + readFromGadget(mo, obj, "houseNumber"));
address.setPostalCode(readFromGadget(mo, obj, "postalCode"));
address.setLocality(readFromGadget(mo, obj, "city"));
address.setRegion(readFromGadget(mo, obj, "state"));
address.setCountry(KCountry::fromAlpha2(readFromGadget(mo, obj, "country")).name());
address.setCountry(readFromGadget(mo, obj, "country"));
} else {
return {};
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