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Add 21.08.2 changelog

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<release version="21.08.2" date="2021-10-07"/>
<release version="21.08.2" date="2021-10-07">
<li>Add support for SMART Health Card (SHC) vaccination certificates.</li>
<li>Don't trigger the connection warning when there is no previous arrival time.</li>
<li>Show correct number of attached documents for multi-traveller trips.</li>
<li>Show escalators to/from intermediate floor levels correctly in the indoor map. </li>
<li>Fix rendering of Apple Wallet pass rich-text back fields.</li>
<li>Improved data extraction for SNCF, Accor, Feratel and onepagebooking.</li>
<release version="21.08.1" date="2021-09-02">
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