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Look for the kitemmodels QML plugin

Needed by the (still disabled) add train trip feature, and eventually also
to replace our own QSFPM QML exports.
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......@@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ set_package_properties(KHealthCertificate PROPERTIES TYPE OPTIONAL PURPOSE "Need
ecm_find_qmlmodule(QtLocation 5.11)
ecm_find_qmlmodule(QtPositioning 5.11)
ecm_find_qmlmodule(org.kde.kitemmodels 1.0)
ecm_find_qmlmodule(org.kde.prison 1.0)
ecm_find_qmlmodule(org.kde.kosmindoormap 1.0)
ecm_find_qmlmodule(org.kde.kopeninghours 1.0)
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