Commit dadd8deb authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Update transfer anchor times on arrival delays

This helps for manually selecting transfers at the right time already,
for automatically selected transfers we still need to actually search
for a new option here.
parent fd31f089
......@@ -72,6 +72,19 @@ void TransferManager::setFavoriteLocationModel(FavoriteLocationModel *favLocMode
void TransferManager::setLiveDataManager(LiveDataManager *liveDataMgr)
m_liveDataMgr = liveDataMgr;
connect(m_liveDataMgr, &LiveDataManager::arrivalUpdated,this, [this](const QString &resId) {
// update anchor time if we have a transfer for this
auto t = transfer(resId, Transfer::After);
if (t.state() == Transfer::Discarded || t.state() == Transfer::UndefinedState) {
t.setAnchorTime(anchorTimeAfter(resId, m_resMgr->reservation(resId)));
// TODO if there's existing transfer, check if we miss this now
// if so: warn and search for a new one if auto transfers are enabled
void TransferManager::setAutoAddTransfers(bool enable)
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