Commit f8bdc703 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause

Port LiveDataManager to use multi-traveler batches

parent 659d3032
......@@ -64,11 +64,13 @@ LiveDataManager::~LiveDataManager() = default;
void LiveDataManager::setReservationManager(ReservationManager *resMgr)
m_resMgr = resMgr;
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::reservationAdded, this, &LiveDataManager::reservationAdded);
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::reservationUpdated, this, &LiveDataManager::reservationChanged);
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::reservationRemoved, this, &LiveDataManager::reservationRemoved);
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::batchAdded, this, &LiveDataManager::batchAdded);
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::batchChanged, this, &LiveDataManager::batchChanged);
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::batchContentChanged, this, &LiveDataManager::batchChanged);
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::batchRenamed, this, &LiveDataManager::batchRenamed);
connect(resMgr, &ReservationManager::batchRemoved, this, &LiveDataManager::batchRemoved);
const auto resIds = resMgr->reservations();
const auto resIds = resMgr->batches();
for (const auto &resId : resIds) {
if (!isRelevant(resId)) {
......@@ -132,7 +134,7 @@ void LiveDataManager::checkForUpdates()
checkTrainTrip(res, *it);
// TODO check for pkpass updates
// TODO check for pkpass updates, for each element in this batch
......@@ -408,7 +410,7 @@ bool LiveDataManager::isRelevant(const QString &resId) const
return JsonLd::isA<TrainReservation>(res) || !JsonLd::convert<Reservation>(res).pkpassSerialNumber().isEmpty();
void LiveDataManager::reservationAdded(const QString &resId)
void LiveDataManager::batchAdded(const QString &resId)
if (!isRelevant(resId)) {
......@@ -417,12 +419,20 @@ void LiveDataManager::reservationAdded(const QString &resId)
void LiveDataManager::reservationChanged(const QString &resId)
void LiveDataManager::batchChanged(const QString &resId)
void LiveDataManager::reservationRemoved(const QString &resId)
void LiveDataManager::batchRenamed(const QString &oldBatchId, const QString &newBatchId)
// ### we can do this more efficiently
void LiveDataManager::batchRemoved(const QString &resId)
const auto it = std::find(m_reservations.begin(), m_reservations.end(), resId);
if (it != m_reservations.end()) {
......@@ -68,9 +68,10 @@ Q_SIGNALS:
bool isRelevant(const QString &resId) const;
void reservationAdded(const QString &resId);
void reservationChanged(const QString &resId);
void reservationRemoved(const QString &resId);
void batchAdded(const QString &resId);
void batchChanged(const QString &resId);
void batchRenamed(const QString &oldBatchId, const QString &newBatchId);
void batchRemoved(const QString &resId);
void checkTrainTrip(const QVariant &res, const QString &resId);
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