Commit 0780c6ea authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Fix theme

parent 5eafd4db
<html> <html>
<h1>KAddressBook</h1> <h1>AddressBook</h1>
{% if contacts %} {% if contacts %}
{% for contact in contacts %} {% for contact in contacts %}
<h1>{{ contact.realName|safe }}</h1> <h1>{{ contact.realName|safe }}</h1>
<p>{{ contact.emails|safe }}</p> <p>{{ contact.emails|safe }}</p>
{% if contact.note %}
<p>{{ contact.note|safe }}</p> <p>{{ contact.note|safe }}</p>
{% endif %}
<br> <br>
<br> <br>
{% endfor %} {% endfor %}
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