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Lower the deprecation version further

The new API is mistakenly set as since 5.83.0 instead of 5.84.0.
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......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ add_definitions(-DTRANSLATION_DOMAIN=\"kaddressbook\")
find_package(KUserFeedback 1.0.0 CONFIG) # Needs Provider::describeDataSources()
  • The new API is mistakenly set as since 5.83.0 instead of 5.84.0.

    Which one?

  • Was this about KShortcutsDialog? And why is this changing from 0x055300 to 0x055200, where the commit message hints this should rather bump to 0x055400? In any case, started deps builds on KDE CI so applications see latest KF master on their builds with the KShortcutsDialog fixes.

  • mentioned in commit 01b31d1c

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