Commit 8ff23134 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

normalize signal/slot

parent e5d8eb36
......@@ -678,7 +678,7 @@ void MainWidget::setupActions(KActionCollection *collection)
collection->setDefaultShortcut(act, QKeySequence(Qt::CTRL + Qt::SHIFT + Qt::Key_3));
collection->addAction(QStringLiteral("view_mode_3columns"), act);
connect(mViewModeGroup, SIGNAL(triggered(QAction *)), SLOT(setViewMode(QAction *)));
connect(mViewModeGroup, SIGNAL(triggered(QAction*)), SLOT(setViewMode(QAction*)));
KToggleAction *actTheme = mGrantleeThemeManager->actionForTheme();
if (actTheme) {
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