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Make user settings changes take effect immediately

Fixes regression introduced in version 2.10.11 by commit
parent 3ef411b1
KAlarm Change Log
=== Version 2.12.8 (KDE Applications 19.08.3) --- 15 October 2019 ===
=== Version 2.12.8 (KDE Applications 19.08.3) --- 16 October 2019 ===
+ Fix error on redo of an active alarm deletion.
+ Archive repeat-at-login alarms if previously triggered, when they are deleted.
+ Fix layout of defer alarm dialogue.
+ Make user settings changes take effect immediately (fixes regression introduced in 2.10.11).
=== Version 2.12.7 (KDE Applications 19.08.2) --- 7 October 2019 ===
+ Show correct read-only status of an alarm in its context menu.
......@@ -73,7 +73,6 @@ bool AlarmCalendar::initialiseCalendars()
QString displayCal = QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DataLocation) + QLatin1Char('/') + displayCalendarName;
mResourcesCalendar = new AlarmCalendar();
......@@ -134,7 +133,6 @@ AlarmCalendar::AlarmCalendar()
connect(model, &AkonadiModel::eventChanged, this, &AlarmCalendar::slotEventChanged);
connect(model, &AkonadiModel::collectionStatusChanged, this, &AlarmCalendar::slotCollectionStatusChanged);
connect(model, &AkonadiModel::collectionsPopulated, this, &AlarmCalendar::slotCollectionsPopulated);
Preferences::connect(SIGNAL(askResourceChanged(bool)), this, SLOT(setAskResource(bool)));
......@@ -405,16 +403,6 @@ void AlarmCalendar::close()
removeKAEvents(mResourceMap.begin().key(), true, CalEvent::ACTIVE | CalEvent::ARCHIVED | CalEvent::TEMPLATE | CalEvent::DISPLAYING);
* Update whether to prompt for the resource to store new alarms in.
void AlarmCalendar::setAskResource(bool ask)
void AlarmCalendar::updateDisplayKAEvents()
if (mCalType == RESOURCES)
......@@ -97,7 +97,6 @@ class AlarmCalendar : public QObject
void calendarSaved(AlarmCalendar*);
private Q_SLOTS:
void setAskResource(bool ask);
void slotCollectionStatusChanged(const Akonadi::Collection&, AkonadiModel::Change,
const QVariant& value, bool inserted);
void slotCollectionsPopulated();
......@@ -671,7 +671,6 @@ bool CollectionView::viewportEvent(QEvent* e)
CollectionControlModel* CollectionControlModel::mInstance = nullptr;
bool CollectionControlModel::mAskDestination = false;
QHash<QString, CollectionControlModel::ResourceCol> CollectionControlModel::mAgentPaths;
static QRegularExpression matchMimeType(QStringLiteral("^application/x-vnd\\.kde\\.alarm.*"),
......@@ -1231,7 +1230,8 @@ Collection CollectionControlModel::destination(CalEvent::Type type, QWidget* pro
standard = getStandard(type);
// Archived alarms are always saved in the default resource,
// else only prompt if necessary.
if (type == CalEvent::ARCHIVED || noPrompt || (!mAskDestination && standard.isValid()))
if (type == CalEvent::ARCHIVED || noPrompt
|| (!Preferences::askResource() && standard.isValid()))
return standard;
// Prompt for which collection to use
......@@ -242,13 +242,6 @@ class CollectionControlModel : public Akonadi::FavoriteCollectionsModel
static void setStandard(Akonadi::Collection&, CalEvent::Types);
/** Set whether the user should be prompted for the destination collection
* to add alarms to.
* @param ask true = prompt for which collection to add to;
* false = add to standard collection.
static void setAskDestinationPolicy(bool ask) { mAskDestination = ask; }
/** Find the collection to be used to store an event of a given type.
* This will be the standard collection for the type, but if this is not valid,
* the user will be prompted to select a collection.
......@@ -321,7 +314,6 @@ class CollectionControlModel : public Akonadi::FavoriteCollectionsModel
: resourceId(r), collectionId(c) {}
static QHash<QString, ResourceCol> mAgentPaths; // path, (resource identifier, collection ID) pairs
static bool mAskDestination;
QEventLoop* mPopulatedCheckLoop;
......@@ -20,9 +20,6 @@
<signal name="autoHideSystemTrayChanged">
<argument type="Int">Base_AutoHideSystemTray</argument>
<signal name="askResourceChanged">
<argument type="Bool">AskResource</argument>
<signal name="base_TimeZoneChanged">
<argument type="String">Base_TimeZone</argument>
......@@ -70,12 +67,12 @@
<entry name="Base_TimeZone" key="TimeZone" type="String">
<label context="@label">Time zone</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Select the time zone which KAlarm should use as its default for displaying and entering dates and times.</whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="base_TimeZoneChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="base_TimeZoneChanged"/>
<entry name="Base_HolidayRegion" key="HolidayRegion" type="String">
<label context="@label">Holiday region</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Select the holiday region to use.</whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="base_HolidayRegionChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="base_HolidayRegionChanged"/>
<entry name="DefaultFgColour" key="MessageForegroundColour" type="Color">
<label context="@label">Foreground color</label>
......@@ -91,19 +88,19 @@
<label context="@label">Message font</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Default font for displaying alarm messages.</whatsthis>
<default code="true">QFont(QFontDatabase::systemFont(QFontDatabase::GeneralFont).family(), 16, QFont::Bold)</default>
<!-- <emit signal="messageFontChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="messageFontChanged"/>
<entry name="ShowInSystemTray" type="Bool">
<label context="@label">Show in system tray</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">&lt;p>Check to show KAlarm's icon in the system tray. Showing it in the system tray provides easy access and a status indication.&lt;/p></whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="showInSystemTrayChanged"/>-->
<emit signal="showInSystemTrayChanged"/>-->
<entry name="Base_AutoHideSystemTray" key="AutoHideSystemTray" type="Int">
<label context="@label">Auto-hide in system tray if no alarms due within period</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">&lt;p>Enter -1 to auto-hide KAlarm's icon in the system tray when there are no active alarms.&lt;/p>&lt;p>To auto-hide the system tray icon when there are no alarms due within a set period of time, enter the time period in minutes.&lt;/p>&lt;p>Enter 0 to always show the system tray icon.&lt;/p></whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="autoHideSystemTrayChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="autoHideSystemTrayChanged"/>
<entry name="NoAutoHideSystemTrayDesktops" type="StringList" hidden="true">
<label context="@label">Desktops without auto-hide in system tray</label>
......@@ -128,7 +125,6 @@
<label context="@label">Prompt for which calendar to store in</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">&lt;p>When saving a new alarm or alarm template, prompt for which calendar to store it in, if there is more than one active calendar.&lt;/p>&lt;p>Note that archived alarms are always stored in the default archived alarm calendar.&lt;/p></whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="askResourceChanged"/> -->
<entry name="ModalMessages" type="Bool">
<label context="@label">Message windows have a title bar and take keyboard focus</label>
......@@ -154,26 +150,26 @@
&lt;li>>0 to set a limit.&lt;/li>&lt;/ul>&lt;/p>
<!-- <emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/> -->
<!-- <min>-1</min> Can't use 'min' with signal!! -->
<emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/>
<entry name="ShowTooltipAlarmTime" type="Bool">
<label context="@label">Show alarm times in system tray tooltip</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Specify whether to show in the system tray tooltip, the time at which each alarm is due.</whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/>
<entry name="ShowTooltipTimeToAlarm" type="Bool">
<label context="@label">Show time to alarms in system tray tooltip</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Specify whether to show in the system tray tooltip, how long until each alarm is due.</whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/>
<entry name="TooltipTimeToPrefix" type="String">
<label context="@label">Time-to-alarm prefix in system tray tooltip</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Enter the text to be displayed in front of the time until the alarm, in the system tray tooltip.</whatsthis>
<default code="true">QLatin1String("+")</default>
<!-- <emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="tooltipPreferencesChanged"/>
<entry name="EmailClient" key="EmailClient" type="Enum">
<label context="@label">Email client</label>
......@@ -207,37 +203,37 @@
<label context="@label">Start of day for date-only alarms</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">The earliest time of day at which a date-only alarm will be triggered.</whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="base_StartOfDayChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="base_StartOfDayChanged"/>
<entry name="Base_WorkDayStart" key="WorkDayStart" type="DateTime">
<label context="@label">Start time of working day</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">The start time of the working day.</whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="base_WorkTimeChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="base_WorkTimeChanged"/>
<entry name="Base_WorkDayEnd" key="WorkDayEnd" type="DateTime">
<label context="@label">End time of working day</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">The end time of the working day.</whatsthis>
<!-- <emit signal="base_WorkTimeChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="base_WorkTimeChanged"/>
<entry name="Base_WorkDays" key="WorkDays" type="UInt">
<label context="@label">Working days</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">OR'ed bits indicating which days of the week are work days, 1 = Monday ... 64 = Sunday.</whatsthis>
<default code="true">KAlarm::defaultWorkDays()</default>
<!-- <emit signal="base_WorkTimeChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="base_WorkTimeChanged"/>
<entry name="DisabledColour" type="Color">
<label context="@label">Disabled alarm color</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Choose the text color in the alarm list for disabled alarms.</whatsthis>
<default code="true">KColorScheme(QPalette::Disabled).foreground(KColorScheme::InactiveText).color()</default>
<!-- <emit signal="disabledColourChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="disabledColourChanged"/>
<entry name="ArchivedColour" key="ExpiredColour" type="Color">
<label context="@label">Archived alarm color</label>
<whatsthis context="@info:whatsthis">Choose the text color in the alarm list for archived alarms.</whatsthis>
<default code="true">KColorScheme(QPalette::Active).foreground(KColorScheme::VisitedText).color()</default>
<!-- <emit signal="archivedColourChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="archivedColourChanged"/>
<entry name="ArchivedKeepDays" key="ExpiredKeepDays" type="Int">
<label context="@label">Days to keep expired alarms</label>
......@@ -247,8 +243,8 @@
&lt;li>>0 number of days to keep.&lt;/li>&lt;/ul>&lt;/p>
<!-- <emit signal="archivedKeepDaysChanged"/> -->
<!-- <min>-1</min> Can't use 'min' with signal!! -->
<emit signal="archivedKeepDaysChanged"/>
<entry name="KOrgEventDuration" type="Int">
<label context="@label">KOrganizer event duration</label>
......@@ -357,7 +353,7 @@
<choice name="None"><label context="@option">Do not repeat</label></choice>
<!-- <emit signal="feb29TypeChanged"/> -->
<emit signal="feb29TypeChanged"/>
<entry name="DefaultReminderUnits" key="RemindUnits" type="Enum">
<label context="@label">Reminder units</label>
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Mutators=true
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