Commit 04135ea4 authored by Christophe Giboudeaux's avatar Christophe Giboudeaux

Revert for the moment. This whole check is ugly and doesn't work at all.

I'll try something cleaner later.

This reverts commit 0dfe0b5402b59f3ba06bde8224a2ad997e13f53c.
parent c9c8eaee
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ if(${KDE_VERSION} VERSION_GREATER 4.6.40)
int main() { return 0; }")
set(_source_file ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/CMakeTmp/check_kalarmcal_akonadi.cpp)
file(WRITE "${_source_file}" "${_source}")
try_compile(HAVE_PIMLIBS_AKONADI ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR} ${_source_file}
CMAKE_FLAGS "${_include_dirs};${QT_INCLUDE_DIR}"
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