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Clazy fix

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......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ void AlarmListModel::setEventTypeFilter(CalEvent::Types types)
void AlarmListModel::setDateFilter(const QVector<QDate>& dates)
QList<std::pair<KADateTime, KADateTime>> oldFilterDates = mFilterDates;
const QVector<std::pair<KADateTime, KADateTime>> oldFilterDates = mFilterDates;
if (!dates.isEmpty())
......@@ -432,10 +432,8 @@ QVariant AlarmListModel::data(const QModelIndex& ix, int role) const
switch (role)
case Qt::DisplayRole:
#if 1
case ResourceDataModelBase::TimeDisplayRole:
case ResourceDataModelBase::SortRole:
// Return a value based on the first occurrence in the date filter range.
const KAEvent ev = event(ix);
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
static AlarmListModel* mAllInstance;
CalEvent::Types mFilterTypes; // types of events contained in this model
QList<std::pair<KADateTime, KADateTime>> mFilterDates; // date/time ranges to include in filter
QVector<std::pair<KADateTime, KADateTime>> mFilterDates; // date/time ranges to include in filter
mutable QHash<ResourceId, QHash<QString, KADateTime>> mDateFilterCache; // if date filter, whether events are included in filter
bool mReplaceBlankName {false}; // replace Name with Text for Qt::DisplayRole if Name is blank
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