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<title>KAlarmCal Design Notes</title>
<title>KAlarm Calendar Design Notes</title>
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<h1>KAlarmCal Design Notes</h1>
<h1>KAlarm Calendar Design Notes</h1>
The terms "alarm" and "event" are often used interchangeably in the context of KAlarm (including in source code comments). Technically speaking, a KAlarm "alarm" is really an event which contains one or more alarms. Each event is held in a <tt>KAEvent</tt> object and is stored as an iCalendar <tt>VEVENT</tt>. Each event normally contains the "main" alarm together with other subsidiary alarms; subsidiary alarms are used to represent reminders, deferrals, sounds, at-login alarms, pre-alarm actions and post-alarm actions. However, if the "main" alarm has expired but a subsidiary alarm is still due (e.g. a deferral), the event may no longer contain the "main" alarm. Individual alarms in the event may be fetched as <tt>KAAlarm</tt> objects.
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<h1>KAlarm Design Notes</h1>
See the KAlarmCal design notes (kalarmcal/DESIGN.html) for details of calendar storage.
See the KAlarm calendar design notes (DESIGN-calendar.html) for details of calendar storage.
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