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More documentation on alarm message notifications

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......@@ -100,6 +100,9 @@ alarm message:</para>
<para>Optionally, an alarm message may be displayed as a notification
instead of in a window.</para>
<para>When the alarm specifies a command to execute or an email to
send, &kalarm; displays nothing.</para>
......@@ -3208,6 +3211,14 @@ time.</para>
<option>--color</option> and <option>--colorfg</option> are ignored
with this option.</entry>
<entry><option>-n</option>, <option>--notify</option></entry>
<entry>Display the alarm as a notification, not in a window.
<option>--color</option>, <option>--colorfg</option>,
<option>--play</option>, <option>--ack-confirm</option> and
<option>--auto-close</option> cannot be specified with this
<entry><option>-p</option>, <option>--play <replaceable>URL</replaceable></option></entry>
<entry>Specify the path or &URL; of an audio file to be played once,
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