Commit 560b89f5 authored by David Jarvie's avatar David Jarvie
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Replace deprecated function calls

parent 5d26a99f
......@@ -678,12 +678,12 @@ void SpinMirror::wheelEvent(QWheelEvent* e)
if (mReadOnly)
QPointF pt = e->posF();
QPointF pt = e->position();
QGraphicsItem* item = scene()->itemAt(pt, QTransform());
if (item == mButtons)
pt = spinboxPoint(pt);
QApplication::postEvent(mSpinbox, new QWheelEvent(pt, e->delta(), e->buttons(), e->modifiers()), e->orientation());
QApplication::postEvent(mSpinbox, new QWheelEvent(pt, e->globalPosition(), e->pixelDelta(), e->angleDelta(), e->buttons(), e->modifiers(), e->phase(), e->inverted(), e->source()));
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