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......@@ -643,23 +643,6 @@ QStringList KAMail::errors(const QString& err, ErrType prefix)
return QStringList{QStringLiteral("%1:").arg(error1), err};
* Get the body of an email from KMail, given its serial number.
QString KAMail::getMailBody(quint32 serialNumber)
//TODO: Need to use Akonadi instead
const QList<QVariant> args{serialNumber, (int)0}; //clazy:exclude=inefficient-qlist
QDBusInterface iface(KMAIL_DBUS_SERVICE, QString(), QStringLiteral("KMailIface"));
const QDBusReply<QString> reply = iface.callWithArgumentList(QDBus::Block, QStringLiteral("getDecodedBodyPart"), args);
if (!reply.isValid())
qCCritical(KALARM_LOG) << "KAMail::getMailBody: D-Bus call failed:" << reply.error().message();
return {};
return reply.value();
* Extract the pure addresses from given email addresses.
......@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ public:
static QString convertAddresses(const QString& addresses, KCalendarCore::Person::List&);
static QString convertAttachments(const QString& attachments, QStringList& list);
static QString controlCentreAddress();
static QString getMailBody(quint32 serialNumber);
static QString i18n_NeedFromEmailAddress();
static QString i18n_sent_mail();
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