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......@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@ install(TARGETS kalarm_bin ${INSTALL_TARGETS_DEFAULT_ARGS})
install(PROGRAMS kalarm.autostart.desktop DESTINATION ${AUTOSTART_INSTALL_DIR})
install(FILES kalarmconfig.kcfg DESTINATION ${KCFG_INSTALL_DIR})
install(FILES kalarmui.rc DESTINATION ${KXMLGUI_INSTALL_DIR}/kalarm)
install(FILES org.kde.kalarm.kalarm.xml DESTINATION ${DBUS_INTERFACES_INSTALL_DIR})
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<component type="desktop">
<summary>Personal Alarm Scheduler</summary>
<p>KAlarm is a personal alarm message, command and email scheduler</p>
<li>Display alarms using your own text message, the text generated by a command, or a text or image file.</li>
<li>Audible alarm using a sound file</li>
<li>Recurring alarm on an hours/minutes, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, or set it to trigger every time you log in.</li>
<li>Display alarms color and font customization</li>
<li>Support for multiple alarm calendars, which for example enables you to share alarms between a laptop and desktop computer.</li>
<url type="homepage"></url>
<url type="bugtracker">;product=kalarm</url>
<url type="help"></url>
<screenshot type="default">
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