Commit 7d2ea878 authored by David Jarvie's avatar David Jarvie
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Check for invalid filename or non-existent local file

parent fe6f7fb5
......@@ -1626,14 +1626,17 @@ FileType fileType(const QMimeType& mimetype)
FileErr checkFileExists(QString& filename, QUrl& url)
// Convert any relative file path to absolute
// (using home directory as the default)
// This also supports absolute paths and absolute urls
url = QUrl::fromUserInput(filename, QDir::homePath());
// (using home directory as the default).
// This also supports absolute paths and absolute urls.
FileErr err = FileErr_None;
url = QUrl::fromUserInput(filename, QDir::homePath());
if (filename.isEmpty())
url = QUrl();
err = FileErr_Blank; // blank file name
else if (!url.isValid())
err = FileErr_Nonexistent;
else if (!url.isLocalFile())
filename = url.toDisplayString();
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