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Fix error on redo of an active alarm deletion

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KAlarm Change Log
=== Version 2.12.7 (KDE Applications 19.08.2) --- 9 October 2019 ===
=== Version 2.12.7 (KDE Applications 19.08.2) --- 10 October 2019 ===
+ Show correct read-only status of an alarm in its context menu.
+ Fix errors deleting and reactivating alarms (regression introduced in 2.12.5).
+ Fix error on undo of an active alarm deletion.
+ Fix error on redo of an active alarm deletion.
+ Don't trigger repeat-at-login alarms when they are edited or imported.
+ Archive repeat-at-login alarms if previously triggered, when they are deleted.
......@@ -1089,6 +1089,7 @@ UndoItem* UndoDelete::restore()
// Create a redo item to delete the alarm again
return createRedo(*mEvent, mResource);
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