Commit 90d9ceef authored by David Jarvie's avatar David Jarvie
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Fix CLang compile warnings

parent a40cc7aa
......@@ -748,14 +748,14 @@ void RecurrenceEdit::setDefaults(const KADateTime& from)
RadioButton* button;
switch (Preferences::defaultRecurPeriod())
case AT_LOGIN: button = mAtLoginButton; break;
case ANNUAL: button = mYearlyButton; break;
case MONTHLY: button = mMonthlyButton; break;
case WEEKLY: button = mWeeklyButton; break;
case DAILY: button = mDailyButton; break;
case SUBDAILY: button = mSubDailyButton; break;
case NO_RECUR:
default: button = mNoneButton; break;
case Preferences::Recur_Login: button = mAtLoginButton; break;
case Preferences::Recur_Yearly: button = mYearlyButton; break;
case Preferences::Recur_Monthly: button = mMonthlyButton; break;
case Preferences::Recur_Weekly: button = mWeeklyButton; break;
case Preferences::Recur_Daily: button = mDailyButton; break;
case Preferences::Recur_SubDaily: button = mSubDailyButton; break;
case Preferences::Recur_None:
default: button = mNoneButton; break;
mNoEmitTypeChanged = false;
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