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Set default resources created on first run as standard calendars

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......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ KAlarm Change Log
* Allow calendars and date picker to be shown together in side panel [KDE Bug 440250]
* Shrink calendar list to remove empty space when too large.
* When a resource is re-enabled, ensure its alarms are displayed.
* When default resources are created on first run, set them as standard (default) calendars.
* Cancel sound file playback if audio alarm edit dialogue is closed after clicking Try.
* Remove all 'speak' functions if KAlarm is built with text-to-speech disabled.
* Add option to disable wake-from-suspend alarms if KAlarm is built without KAuth.
......@@ -570,7 +570,7 @@ void FileResourceMigrator::createCalendar(CalEvent::Type alarmType, const QStrin
qCDebug(KALARM_LOG) << "FileResourceMigrator: New:" << name << ", type=" << alarmType << ", path=" << url.toString();
FileResourceSettings::Ptr settings(new FileResourceSettings(
FileResourceSettings::File, url, alarmType, name, QColor(), alarmType,
CalEvent::EMPTY, false));
alarmType, false));
Resource resource = FileResourceConfigManager::addResource(settings);
if (resource.failed())
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