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Remove unused code

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......@@ -201,17 +201,6 @@ int KAMail::send(JobData& jobdata, QStringList& errmsgs)
fwrite(encoded.constData(), encoded.length(), 1, fd);
if (Preferences::emailCopyToKMail())
// Create a copy of the sent email in KMail's 'sent-mail' folder,
// or if there was a send error, in KMail's 'outbox' folder.
err = addToKMailFolder(jobdata, "sent-mail", true);
if (!err.isNull())
errmsgs += errors(err, COPY_ERROR); // not a fatal error - continue
if (jobdata.allowNotify)
return 1;
......@@ -648,9 +637,6 @@ QStringList KAMail::errors(const QString& err, ErrType prefix)
case SEND_FAIL: error1 = i18nc("@info", "Failed to send email"); break;
case SEND_ERROR: error1 = i18nc("@info", "Error sending email"); break;
case COPY_ERROR: error1 = i18nc("@info", "Error copying sent email to <application>KMail</application> <resource>%1</resource> folder", i18n_sent_mail()); break;
if (err.isEmpty())
return QStringList(error1);
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