Commit c848c41d authored by David Jarvie's avatar David Jarvie

Update compatibility attribute when calendar is updated externally

parent a927c4ca
......@@ -113,7 +113,16 @@ bool KAlarmResource::readFromFile(const QString& fileName)
// Find the calendar file's compatibility with the current KAlarm format,
// and if necessary convert it in memory to the current version.
mCompatibility = KAlarmResourceCommon::getCompatibility(fileStorage(), mVersion);
int version;
KAlarm::Calendar::Compat compat = KAlarmResourceCommon::getCompatibility(fileStorage(), version);
if (compat != mCompatibility || version != mVersion)
mCompatibility = compat;
mVersion = version;
const Collection c(collectionId());
if (c.isValid())
KAlarmResourceCommon::setCollectionCompatibility(c, mCompatibility, mVersion);
return true;
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