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Add allResourcesOrdered()

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......@@ -61,6 +61,14 @@ public:
template <class Type = ResourceType>
static QVector<Resource> allResources(CalEvent::Type alarmType = CalEvent::EMPTY);
/** Return all resources of a kind which contain a specified alarm type,
* with the standard resource for the alarm type first in the list.
* @tparam Type Resource type to fetch, default = all types.
* @param alarmType Alarm type to check for.
template <class Type = ResourceType>
static QVector<Resource> allResourcesOrdered(CalEvent::Type alarmType);
/** Return the enabled resources which contain a specified alarm type.
* @param type Alarm type to check for, or CalEvent::EMPTY for any type.
* @param writable If true, only writable resources are included.
......@@ -292,6 +300,20 @@ QVector<Resource> Resources::allResources(CalEvent::Type type)
return result;
template <class Type>
QVector<Resource> Resources::allResourcesOrdered(CalEvent::Type type)
Resource std = getStandard(type);
QVector<Resource> result {std};
for (auto it = mResources.constBegin(); it != mResources.constEnd(); ++it)
const Resource& res = it.value();
if (res != std &&<Type>() && (res.alarmTypes() & type))
result += res;
return result;
#endif // RESOURCES_H
// vim: et sw=4:
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