Commit d06cfd45 authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause
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Parent Content pointer are no longer needed for KMime headers.

Will be removed from KMime shortly.
parent 240c9260
......@@ -399,13 +399,13 @@ QString KAMail::appendBodyAttachments(KMime::Message& message, JobData& data)
// Set the content type
KMimeType::Ptr type = KMimeType::findByUrl(url);
KMime::Headers::ContentType* ctype = new KMime::Headers::ContentType(content);
KMime::Headers::ContentType* ctype = new KMime::Headers::ContentType;
ctype->fromUnicodeString(type->name(), autoDetectCharset(type->name()));
ctype->setName(attachment, "local");
// Set the encoding
KMime::Headers::ContentTransferEncoding* cte = new KMime::Headers::ContentTransferEncoding(content);
KMime::Headers::ContentTransferEncoding* cte = new KMime::Headers::ContentTransferEncoding;
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