Commit d0accb60 authored by David Jarvie's avatar David Jarvie
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Fix null dereference (Coverity 1167314)

parent 0e4eda2a
......@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ public:
KDateTime mAtLoginDateTime; // repeat-at-login end time
DateTime mDeferralTime; // extra time to trigger alarm (if alarm or reminder deferred)
DateTime mDisplayingTime; // date/time shown in the alarm currently being displayed
int mDisplayingFlags; // type of alarm which is currently being displayed
int mDisplayingFlags; // type of alarm which is currently being displayed (for display alarm)
int mReminderMinutes; // how long in advance reminder is to be, or 0 if none (<0 for reminder AFTER the alarm)
DateTime mReminderAfterTime; // if mReminderActive true, time to trigger reminder AFTER the main alarm, or invalid if not pending
ReminderType mReminderActive; // whether a reminder is due (before next, or after last, main alarm/recurrence)
......@@ -537,7 +537,8 @@ KAEvent::KAEvent(const KDateTime &dt, const QString &message, const QColor &bg,
KAEventPrivate::KAEventPrivate(const KDateTime &dt, const QString &message, const QColor &bg, const QColor &fg, const QFont &f,
KAEvent::SubAction action, int lateCancel, KAEvent::Flags flags, bool changesPending)
: mRecurrence(0)
: mRevision(0),
set(dt, message, bg, fg, f, action, lateCancel, flags, changesPending);
......@@ -1057,12 +1058,12 @@ void KAEventPrivate::set(const Event::Ptr &event)
} else if (mRepetition) {
// Convert a repetition with no recurrence into a recurrence
if (mRepetition.isDaily()) {
setRecur(RecurrenceRule::rDaily, mRepetition.intervalDays(), mRepetition.count() + 1, QDate());
} else {
setRecur(RecurrenceRule::rMinutely, mRepetition.intervalMinutes(), mRepetition.count() + 1, KDateTime());
recur->setDuration(mRepetition.count() + 1);
mRepetition.set(0, 0);
mTriggerChanged = true;
if (mRepeatAtLogin) {
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