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KAlarm Change Log
=== Version 3.3.0 (KDE Applications 21.08) --- 21 July 2021 ===
=== Version 3.3.0 (KDE Applications 21.08) --- 27 July 2021 ===
* Add date selector option to enable alarm list view to be filtered.
* Show hamburger menu when menu bar is hidden, to allow access to all options.
* Fix crash when context menu is requested after toolbar has been edited.
* Fix crash when alarm message is shown on a multiple screen system using Wayland [KDE Bug 439853]
* Fix alarms with a reminder after the main alarm not triggering (requires kalarmcal 21.08) [KDE Bug 440200]
* Fix alarm time showing blank in alarm list when using right-to-left languages.
* Fixes to dialogue layouts when using right-to-left languages.
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