Commit e9ea02c2 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter
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fix compile (-fpermissive)

parent 8bb82d72
......@@ -4028,7 +4028,7 @@ void KAEventPrivate::endChanges()
* Return a list of pointers to KAEvent objects.
KAEvent::List KAEvent::ptrList(const QVector<KAEvent>& objList)
KAEvent::List KAEvent::ptrList(QVector<KAEvent>& objList)
KAEvent::List ptrs;
for (int i = 0, count = objList.count(); i < count; ++i)
......@@ -1354,7 +1354,7 @@ class KALARMCAL_EXPORT KAEvent
/** Return a list of pointers to a list of KAEvent objects. */
static List ptrList(const QVector<KAEvent>& events);
static List ptrList(QVector<KAEvent>& events);
/** Output the event's data as debug output. */
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