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Don't show Defer button in alarm window after clicking Try more than once

Clicking the Try button in the alarm edit dialog shows the alarm
message window without a Defer button. Clicking Try again should not
add a Defer button to the alarm window.
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......@@ -2199,7 +2199,7 @@ void* KAlarmApp::execAlarm(KAEvent& event, const KAAlarm& alarm, ExecAlarmFlags
// The caption needs to be changed from "Reminder" to "Message"
win->cancelReminder(event, alarm);
else if (!win->hasDefer() && !alarm.repeatAtLogin())
else if (!win->hasDefer() && event.repeatAtLogin() && !alarm.repeatAtLogin())
// It's a repeat-at-login message with no Defer button,
// which has now reached its final trigger time and needs
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