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<title>KAlarm Design Notes</title>
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<h1>KAlarm Design Notes</h1>
See the KAlarmCal design notes (kalarmcal/DESIGN.html) for details of calendar storage.
<p>This section summarises some of the C++ classes used to build KAlarm.</p>
<h3>Calendar Resource Classes</h3>
<tr><th>Class</th><th>Base class</th><th>Description</th></tr>
<tr><td colspan=3><br><b>Generic Resource and Event Classes</b></td></tr>
<td>Abstract base class representing an alarm calendar resource. Classes
inherited from this class are accessed via the Resource class, which
encapsulates them.</td></tr>
<td>Represents an alarm calendar resource. Contains a shared pointer to a
ResourceType object. It is designed to be safe to use even if the pointer
to the ResourceType object is null.</td></tr>
<td>Singleton class which contains all ResourceType instances. It allows
connection to signals from all resource instances.</td></tr>
<td>Base class to interactively create a resource.</td></tr>
<td>Base class to update the backend calendar format of a single alarm
<td>A dialog which shows a list of resources and allows the user to select one.</td></tr>
<td>A namespace which provides functions independent of which data model
type (Akonadi, etc.) is being used</td></tr>
<td>Base class for models containing all calendars and the events
(alarms and templates) within them.</td></tr>
<td>Proxy filter model providing all calendar resources (not events) of a
specified alarm type (active/archived/template). The selected alarm type
may be changed as desired.</td></tr>
<td>Proxy model converting the resource tree into a flat
list. The model may be restricted to specified alarm types. It can
optionally be restricted to writable and/or enabled resources.</td></tr>
<td>Proxy model providing a checkable list of all resources.
An alarm type is specified, whereby resources which are enabled for that
alarm type are checked; Resources which do not contain that alarm type,
or which are disabled for that alarm type, are unchecked.</td></tr>
<td>Proxy model providing a checkable resource list, filtered to contain
only one alarm type. The selected alarm type may be changed as
<td>Proxy filter model providing all events of a specified alarm type
(active alarms, archived alarms or alarm templates), in enabled
<td>Filter proxy model containing all alarms of specified types (active,
archived, template), in enabled resources.</td></tr>
<td>Filter proxy model containing alarm templates, optionally for specified
alarm action types (display, command, etc.), in enabled
<td>Provides the model for all contacts.</td></tr>
<td>Filters and sorts contacts for display.</td></tr>
<td>View for a ResourceFilterCheckListModel.</td></tr>
<td>View for an EventListModel.</td></tr>
<td>View showing a list of alarms.</td></tr>
<td>View showing a list of alarm templates.</td></tr>
<td>Delegate for an EventListView.</td></tr>
<td>Delegate for an AlarmListView. Handles editing and display of the alarm
<td>Delegate for a TemplateListView. Handles editing and display of the
list of alarm templates.</td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=3><br><b>Akonadi Resource and Event Classes</b></td></tr>
<td>Contains all KAlarm collections and the items (alarms and templates)
within them.</td></tr>
<td>Fetches a list of all Akonadi collections which handle a specified mime
type, and then optionally fetches or deletes all Items from them with a
given GID.</td></tr>
<td>Migrates KResources alarm calendars from pre-Akonadi versions of
KAlarm, and creates default calendar resources if none exist.</td></tr>
<td>Interactively creates an Akonadi resource.</td></tr>
<td>Updates the backend calendar format of one Akonadi alarm calendar.</td></tr>
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