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Remove minor build warning

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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ AttendeeStatusModel::AttendeeStatusModel(QObject *parent)
// Regular expression adds space between every lowercase and Capitalised character then does the same
// for capitalised letters together, e.g. ThisIsATest. Not a problem right now, but best to be safe.
QString enumName = QLatin1String(QMetaEnum::fromType<KCalendarCore::Attendee::PartStat>().key(i));
QString displayName = enumName.replace(roleExp, QStringLiteral(""));
QString displayName = enumName.replace(roleExp, QString());
displayName.replace(lowerToCapitalSep, QStringLiteral("\\1 \\2"));
displayName.replace(capitalToCapitalSep, QStringLiteral("\\1 \\2"));
displayName.replace(lowerToCapitalSep, QStringLiteral("\\1 \\2"));
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