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Remove unused notification context

This is mainly to avoid pointless translation work.

Notification contexts could end up being useful, e.g. for distinguishing
between notifications from own and shared calendars, but most certainly
not one context per UID.
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......@@ -41,32 +41,6 @@ Name[uk]=Kalendar
Name=Incidence uid
Name[ca]=UID de la incidència
Name[ca@valencia]=UID de la incidència
Name[es]=Uid de la incidencia
Name[fr]=UID de l'incidence
Name[it]=UID incidenza
Name[nl]=Uid van incident
Name[pl]=UID wystąpienia
Name[pt]=UID da incidência
Name[sv]=Förekomstens användar-id
Name[uk]=Ідентифікатор випадку
Name[x-test]=xxIncidence uidxx
Comment=The uid of the incidence of the alarm
Comment[ca]=L'UID de la incidència de l'alarma
Comment[ca@valencia]=L'UID de la incidència de l'alarma
Comment[es]=El uid de la incidencia de la alarma
Comment[fr]=L'UID de l'incidence de l'alarme
Comment[it]=L'UID dell'incidenza dell'avviso
Comment[nl]=De uid van het incident van het alarm
Comment[pl]=UID wystąpienia alarmu
Comment[pt]=O UID da incidência do alarme
Comment[sv]=Användar-id för förekomsten av alarmet
Comment[uk]=Ідентифікатор випадку нагадування
Comment[x-test]=xxThe uid of the incidence of the alarmxx
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