Commit 8b3eda5e authored by Claudio Cambra's avatar Claudio Cambra
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Ensure Kirigami Theme colourset pulls from properties in AbstractTreeItem

parent 6d9ce81c
......@@ -67,6 +67,12 @@ QQC2.ItemDelegate {
property color activeBackgroundColor: Kirigami.Theme.highlightColor
Kirigami.Theme.textColor: textColor
Kirigami.Theme.backgroundColor: backgroundColor
Kirigami.Theme.alternateBackgroundColor: alternateBackgroundColor
Kirigami.Theme.activeTextColor: activeTextColor
Kirigami.Theme.activeBackgroundColor: activeBackgroundColor
width: parent && parent.width > 0 ? parent.width : implicitWidth
padding: Kirigami.Settings.tabletMode ? Kirigami.Units.largeSpacing : Kirigami.Units.smallSpacing
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