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Remove 1D barcodes formats as options to export vCards

Those are simply not able to contain a sufficient amount of data for this,
so this will never result in a barcode that can actually be displayed. Not
to mentioned that Code 39 and Code 93 can't even represent all necessary
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......@@ -56,10 +56,7 @@ ColumnLayout {
{text: i18n("QR Code"), type: Prison.Barcode.QRCode},
{text: i18n("Data Matrix"), type: Prison.Barcode.DataMatrix},
{text: i18nc("Aztec barcode", "Aztec"), type: Prison.Barcode.Aztec},
{text: i18n("Code 39"), type: Prison.Barcode.Code39},
{text: i18n("Code 93"), type: Prison.Barcode.Code93},
{text: i18n("Code 128"), type: Prison.Barcode.Code128}
{text: i18nc("Aztec barcode", "Aztec"), type: Prison.Barcode.Aztec}
].forEach((item) => {
let menuItem = menuItemComponent.createObject(menu, {
text: item.text,
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