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Replace construction of date string with just using date numbers to build date with fixed year

On some locales (e.g. `de_AT.UTF-8`) the QML date's `fromLocaleString` method is completely borked

Therefore, rather than use this parsing method, we just create a new date from the numbers we acquire from the user's provided date string
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......@@ -163,6 +163,8 @@ function parseDateString(dateString) {
const dateStringDelimiter = dateStringDelimiterMatches[0];
const localisedDateFormatSplit = Qt.locale().dateFormat(Locale.NarrowFormat).split(dateStringDelimiter);
const localisedDateDayPosition = localisedDateFormatSplit.findIndex((x) => /d/gi.test(x));
const localisedDateMonthPosition = localisedDateFormatSplit.findIndex((x) => /m/gi.test(x));
const localisedDateYearPosition = localisedDateFormatSplit.findIndex((x) => /y/gi.test(x));
let splitDateString = dateString.split(dateStringDelimiter);
......@@ -183,9 +185,11 @@ function parseDateString(dateString) {
fullyWrittenYear = fullyWrittenYear.join("");
let fixedSplitDateString = splitDateString;
fixedSplitDateString[localisedDateYearPosition] = fullyWrittenYear;
const fixedDateString = fixedSplitDateString.join(dateStringDelimiter);
const fixedYearNum = Number(fullyWrittenYear);
const monthIndexNum = Number(splitDateString[localisedDateMonthPosition]) - 1;
const dayNum = Number(splitDateString[localisedDateDayPosition]);
return Date.fromLocaleDateString(Qt.locale(), fixedDateString, Locale.NarrowFormat);
console.log(new Date(fixedYearNum, monthIndexNum, dayNum))
return new Date(fixedYearNum, monthIndexNum, dayNum);
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