Commit 6d2f03f5 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Make sure that it's not empty

parent be388884
......@@ -2897,13 +2897,13 @@ QString IncidenceFormatter::toolTipStr(const QString &sourceName, const Incidenc
static QString mailBodyIncidence(const Incidence::Ptr &incidence)
QString body;
if (!incidence->summary().isEmpty()) {
if (!incidence->summary().trimmed().isEmpty()) {
body += i18n("Summary: %1\n", incidence->richSummary());
if (!incidence->organizer()->isEmpty()) {
body += i18n("Organizer: %1\n", incidence->organizer()->fullName());
if (!incidence->location().isEmpty()) {
if (!incidence->location().trimmed().isEmpty()) {
body += i18n("Location: %1\n", incidence->richLocation());
return body;
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