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Port to QRegularExpression

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......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ using namespace KCalendarCore;
#include <QLocale>
#include <QMimeDatabase>
#include <QPalette>
#include <QRegularExpression>
using namespace KCalUtils;
using namespace IncidenceFormatter;
......@@ -749,11 +750,13 @@ QString IncidenceFormatter::extensiveDisplayStr(const QString &sourceName, const
//@cond PRIVATE
static QString cleanHtml(const QString &html)
QRegExp rx(QStringLiteral("<body[^>]*>(.*)</body>"), Qt::CaseInsensitive);
QString body = rx.cap(1);
return body.remove(QRegExp(QStringLiteral("<[^>]*>"))).trimmed().toHtmlEscaped();
static QRegularExpression rx = QRegularExpression(QStringLiteral("<body[^>]*>(.*)</body>"), QRegularExpression::CaseInsensitiveOption);
QRegularExpressionMatch match = rx.match(html);
if (match.hasMatch()) {
QString body = match.captured(1);
return body.remove(QRegularExpression(QStringLiteral("<[^>]*>"))).trimmed().toHtmlEscaped();
return html;
static QString invitationSummary(const Incidence::Ptr &incidence, bool noHtmlMode)
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