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Allow to import several contacts

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......@@ -90,17 +90,19 @@ void WindowsContactImportExportPluginInterface::exec()
void WindowsContactImportExportPluginInterface::importWindowsContact()
const QString fileName
= QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(parentWidget(), QString(), QDir::homePath(), i18n("Windows Contact file (*.contact)"));
const QStringList fileNames
= QFileDialog::getOpenFileNames(parentWidget(), QString(), QDir::homePath(), i18n("Windows Contact file (*.contact)"));
if (fileName.isEmpty()) {
if (fileNames.isEmpty()) {
KContacts::Addressee::List addresseeList;
ImportWindowContact importer;
addresseeList = importer.importFile(fileName);
for (const QString &fileName : fileNames) {
KAddressBookImportExport::KAddressBookImportExportContactList contactList;
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