Commit a62b88f2 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Fix export vcard

parent 434812dc
......@@ -529,13 +529,13 @@ void VCardImportExportPluginInterface::exportVCard()
switch (mExportVCardType) {
case VCard2_1:
tmpOk = doExport(url, converter.exportVCards(list, KContacts::VCardConverter::v2_1));
tmpOk = doExport(url, converter.exportVCard(contact, KContacts::VCardConverter::v2_1));
case VCard3:
tmpOk = doExport(url, converter.exportVCards(list, KContacts::VCardConverter::v3_0));
tmpOk = doExport(url, converter.exportVCard(contact, KContacts::VCardConverter::v3_0));
case VCard4:
tmpOk = doExport(url, converter.exportVCards(list, KContacts::VCardConverter::v4_0));
tmpOk = doExport(url, converter.exportVCard(contact, KContacts::VCardConverter::v4_0));
ok = ok && tmpOk;
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