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Add missing dep

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......@@ -6,6 +6,17 @@ Dependencies:
'frameworks/extra-cmake-modules': '@latest'
'frameworks/kholidays' : '@latest'
'frameworks/kio': '@latest'
'frameworks/kconfig': '@latest'
'frameworks/kdbusaddons': '@latest'
'frameworks/kxmlgui': '@latest'
'frameworks/kiconthemes': '@latest'
'frameworks/kguiaddons': '@latest'
'frameworks/kparts': '@latest'
'frameworks/kcalendarcore': '@latest'
'frameworks/kcontacts' : '@latest'
'frameworks/prison' : '@latest'
'frameworks/kdeclarative' : '@latest'
'pim/akonadi' : '@same'
'pim/akonadi-calendar' : '@same'
'pim/akonadi-contacts' : '@same'
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