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      Add semantic data extraction plugin · 4a9f8d85
      Volker Krause authored
      This plugins looks for structured data about the email content inside HTML
      mail parts based on the schema.org ontology, as can be found in e.g.
      airline and hotel booking confirmation emails.
      The only thing this does with that information for now is showing a simple
      summary of a flight itinerary. That's already useful, so you don't have
      to look through the usual several pages of poorly rendered HTML content.
      Allowing to add booking details to your calendar is an obvious next step.
      Seeing how many workarounds were needed to parse the real-world mails I
      have here, I suspect this will need more adjustments, so please send me
      test material :)
      See also https://developers.google.com/gmail/markup/
      Reviewers: mlaurent
      Reviewed By: mlaurent
      Subscribers: mlaurent, #kde_pim
      Tags: #kde_pim
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D8583
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    • Volker Krause's avatar
      Add support for rendering Apple Wallet boarding passes · 57edf8f4
      Volker Krause authored
      This covers showing boarding pass fields, styling, translations and
      barcodes from the pkpass files. Good enough to get a quick overview of
      your flight data, for actually getting into an aircraft KF5::Prison
      is still missing support for the widely-used Aztec code though.
      Reviewers: #kde_pim, knauss
      Reviewed By: #kde_pim, knauss
      Subscribers: knauss
      Tags: #kde_pim
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D8395
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    • Daniel Vrátil's avatar
      Introduce GnuPG WKS and PGP keys formatter plugins · 91b89410
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      This adds two new body part formatter plugins for messageviewer:
      one for application/pgp-keys and one for application/vnd.gnupg.wks
      The application/pgp-keys formatter simply prints a message saying
      that this part is an OpenPGP key and explains what a key is, and has
      buttons to display key details and to import the key to user's
      keychain or open the key in Kleopatra.
      The application/vnd.gnupg.wks formatter handles WKS Publishing
      Comfirmation request messages. Those are automated emails sent
      by WKS server when user request key publishing. The formatter
      explains what this email is, why it was received and has a
      'Register the key' button which, when clicked, generates a
      response email for the server and deletes the email. The response
      is also deleted.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D3140
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