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Commit 56d7f5c5 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Allow to select multi emails

parent d42a9633
......@@ -75,13 +75,23 @@ void EmailLineEdit::slotSelectEmail()
std::unique_ptr<Akonadi::EmailAddressSelectionDialog> dlg(
new Akonadi::EmailAddressSelectionDialog(this));
dlg->setWindowTitle(i18n("Select Emails"));
dlg->view()->view()->setSelectionMode(multiSelection() ? QAbstractItemView::MultiSelection : QAbstractItemView::SingleSelection);
if (dlg->exec()) {
QStringList addresses;
const Akonadi::EmailAddressSelection::List lstAddress = dlg->selectedAddresses();
if (!lstAddress.isEmpty()) {
bool firstElement = true;
QString result;
for (const Akonadi::EmailAddressSelection &value : lstAddress) {
if (!firstElement) {
} else {
firstElement = false;
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