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Commit 6e9496a4 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Start to create autotest

parent da4240b2
macro(add_kmail_grammalecte_unittest _source _additional)
set( _test ${_source} ${_additional})
get_filename_component(_name ${_source} NAME_WE)
add_executable( ${_name} ${_test} )
add_test(NAME ${_name} COMMAND ${_name} )
target_link_libraries( ${_name} Qt5::Test KF5::XmlGui KF5::IconThemesKF5::I18n)
endmacro ()
add_kmail_grammalecte_unittest(grammalecteparsertest.cpp "")
add_kmail_grammalecte_unittest(grammarresultwidgettest.cpp "")
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